Cambridge Surveyors


Cambridge surveyors have decades of experience helping people navigate the construction industry and make better decisions about their homes and businesses. Our team have experience working on projects from bungalows to schools to embassies from new builds to sites of historic importance.

What do our surveyors do?

The construction industry is complicated and includes people from trades like plumbers to architects to local government. Surveyors help you ask the right questions and help make your decisions cheaper and less risky. We're able to help you manage projects and contractors, help with disputes, understand regulations and government policies, and provide reports on the quality of premises.

Example services


Your new home is probably the most expensive purchase you will make and we can offer you expert advice to help you make an informed decision. We can tailor our approach to fit your budget.

Manage projects

We have helped deliver large and small projects by working with your contractors and checking their work to avoid expensive or timely misunderstandings.

Snagging checks

Before moving into a new build home, we can check the build quality is up to scratch and instruct the construction firm to make changes.

Insurance claims

We can work with your insurance company to make sure your property is repaired to your expected standards to minimise your distress and loss.


We've helped clients during disputes with insurers and neighbours. Although we hope to keep matters out of court, we have also helped customers recover thousands of pounds in some cases.

Planning and building control

Our experience working with planning and building control officers will help you to make improvements quickly and effectively.


A detailed survey of your house purchase including a follow up meeting to discuss our findings and answer your questions starts at £495 with no extras unless you need extra help

Snagging new house defects is cheaper and is usually based on a time basis depending on your requirements. We would be pleased to discuss other fees with you.


We're here to help. Give us a call, email, or use our contact form.